Did you know?

We can also provide fully integrated facility maintenance and engineering services for your entire facility including tenant moves and build-outs, HVAC maintenance, vent cleaning and so much more.

Flagship offers a hassle-free total maintenance solution from fully integrated janitorial and facility maintenance to single maintenance projects and on-call facilities technicians. We serve some of the world’s most demanding customers, from busy airports to internationally recognized research institutions to some of America’s leading technology companies. If they don’t look good, we don’t look good.

Flagship is a dedicated facilities maintenance company, not a division of a corporate conglomerate that may also provide dozens of other unrelated services. This is what we do, and it’s the only thing we do.

  • Janitorial

    Janitorial is so much more than routine; it demands thinking on your feet and solving problems as they arise. A successful janitorial services provider has a deep understanding of…

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  • Facility Services

    Every day facility managers face new challenges from minor maintenance problems to security issues to regulations and compliance. Yesterday a restroom flooded; today you need to…

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  • Facility Management

    A Facility Manager’s job isn’t just about maintenance anymore. In order to drive cost efficiencies, you need to draw upon expertise in many areas including, health and safety…

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  • Engineering

    Property Managers and Facility Directors trust Flagship to maintain all their facility’s vital assets, including HVAC, fire, life and safety systems, electrical, and advanced…

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  • Culinary Services

    Culinary Services

    Every company has a unique culture that is part of their identity. More companies these days are offering food services far beyond the vending machine. We offer our customers…

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  • Staffing and Hiring


    Flagship is an integrated full service provider of commercial maintenance services. In addition to our many other services, we provide corporate staffing. Flagship takes the…

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  • Sweeping

    Flagship provides comprehensive sweeping services, street cleaning and power washing for all airport environments. Our customers tell us that they choose Flagship because of…

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  • FlagshipGreen

    Reducing Our Consumption At Flagship, we recognize our responsibility to reduce consumption of water, waste and energy. We are committed to reducing our impact…

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