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COVID-19 will forever change the landscape of facility services. Flagship is ready to join you on the frontlines – fighting this pandemic at your facilities with methodologies designed to protect the health and safety of your employees and guests.

Drawing on our decades of experience in fighting pandemics (Ebola, SARS, H1N1), we’ve redefined “clean” with a four-pronged approach to your facility that will flex with your facility operations during this challenge and beyond.



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The shifting landscape of COVID-19 continues to confuse and challenge many business leaders. Even if you’re not yet scheduled to reopen, PUREClean’s REFOCUS process can get you ready to welcome employees back by redefining your SOW to concentrate on the highest impact areas of your facility.

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Pre-COVID-19, disinfection typically focused on restroom areas. Post-COVID-19? That is simply not the case any longer. PUREClean recognizes this shift and includes a multi-step disinfection methodology that is applied throughout the facility – wherever employees and guests spend their workdays. PUREClean’s disinfection processes use high-performance commercial equipment and EPA-approved chemicals to remove, capture or destroy viruses like COVID-19 and the flu.

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Fighting COVID-19 is a team sport – and it will take the coordinated efforts of your facilities service vendor AND your employees to win in the long run. We’ve relied on the guidance of governing agencies like the CDC as we work to protect essential employees throughout this pandemic. PUREClean has taken the lessons we’ve learned and created educational materials that are easily sharable, containing the most helpful information for you, your employees and their role in maintaining a PUREClean facility.

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The ability to change and be fluid during this time of uncertainty is key – even after you’ve successfully reopened. If your onsite staff expands/contracts to answer this and future pandemic challenges, our SOW will keep pace – ensuring that our service delivery is always appropriate for your stage of operations and our effort is applied in areas that have the most critical impact.

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Flagship’s PURECleantm puts your employees’ health and wellbeing first and helps you get back to the business of business.


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4 Phases to Reopen a Facility

Even in these times of uncertainty, it’s not too soon to plan for the future post-COVID-19. Whether you plan a soft reopen or full return to normal activities, review our Four Phases of Reopening Your Facility for sound guidance on how to approach a return to work.

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Coronavirus – Customer Testimonials

We’re there – with your employees – fighting this pandemic every day.
Hear what some of our customers have to say.

Reopen Responsibly Workplace Guide

Download the Reopening Responsibly Guide

The standard for a safe facility is still evolving – this guide is designed to help answer your questions about how to create and maintain a healthy facility and navigate the process of reopening responsibly.


Disinfectant Efficacy against the Wuhan Coronavirus


How will various disinfectants perform against the 2019 nCoV? Read more about real-world applications in Disinfectant Efficacy against the Wuhan Coronavirus by Diversey.



2019 Novel Coronavirus Wuhan Coronavirus


Learn more about the 2019-nCov, how it’s transmitted, symptoms to look for, prevention methods and disinfectants that are designed for the healthcare environment.



CDC Stop Germs Wash Your Hands Posters


The CDC has produced a poster to promote the washing of hands after all activities. Download it and post it around your facility. (English and Spanish versions available.)



World Health Organization Hand Hygiene


Download posters on Your 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene, How to Handrub and How to Handwash to display at your health-care facility, sponsored by the World Health Organization.



COVID-19 New Definition of Clean Infographic


PUREClean’s focused services tailored to your facility and your employees. Welcome your workforce back confident that you’ve done all you can to protect their health while at work.




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Disclaimer: For the protection of Flagship’s employees and customers, proper personal protective equipment (PPE) will be worn when providing services. PURECleanTM suite of services are designed to remove pathogens and contaminants and improve air quality but will not eliminate the risks of spreading infectious diseases and viruses, including Covid-19. There is no guarantee that the PUREClean™ services or any cleaning services will completely eliminate the risks of spreading infectious diseases and viruses, including Covid-19. Given the increased demand for Flagship’s services in light of Covid-19, services are subject to Flagship’s availability to provide such services.