Teka F.

Teka F. Facility Service Spotlight

Teka F.

Ramp Operations, DFW Airport

She consistently goes out of her way to deliver a higher level of service to our customers.

During a flight, bags are bound to move around and this brings a new set of challenges once the plane has landed.

This is a fact of air travel and one that can sour an otherwise enjoyable experience…unless you have Teka F on your team. A veteran of the ramps, Teka regularly inspects all areas of the operation once a flight has landed to make sure any lost or misplaced items are returned to their rightful owners.

“Teka doesn’t just show up at work, punch a clock and go through the motions, she shows up with the intention of serving our customers. She’s a difference-maker and she’s constantly looking for ways to go above and beyond. The impact it has on our customers is incredible”, says Jovani L., Operations Manager at DFW Airport. “She’s an inspiration to the team and the tone she sets allows us to deliver a consistent level of service that we can all be proud of”.