Sonya L.

Sonya L. Facility Service Spotlight

Sonya L.

Relief Lead

A lost wallet can put a damper on even the most well planned vacation. Without credit cards, cash, and much-needed forms of identification, enjoying time away can become nearly impossible. That’s what a customer was facing during a recent flight out of DFW Airport…but in stepped Flagship’s Sonya L.

Sonya found the customer’s wallet, understood the severity of the situation and without prompting, took it upon herself to save the day. She raced from one end of the airport to the other before finally finding the rightful owner and returning his wallet…just as his plane was about to leave.

We say it all the time, it’s more than the floors, windows, and the grounds. At Flagship Facility Services, it’s about the customers we serve and the values that are on full display from great people like Sonya L!