Ancillary Staff Management

Ancillary Staff Management

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We take staffing to the next level – developing dedicated brand ambassadors, committed to going above and beyond the call to make sure your facility stands out in the crowd.

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Whether you are a small business in a single location or a large enterprise with millions of square feet, start here to discover how to make your facilities into Flagship facilities.

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Our solutions simplify and streamline your staffing support needs.

We provide fully trained in-house staff to cover services including mailroom, shipping and receiving, cafe and event support, inventory restocking, space planners, movers, reception, and more.

Thorough background checks

We take background checks further and we include:

  • Social Security Number verification, including skip trace
  • Felony (including misdemeanor) seven-year history from state and local records based on the given address
  • National Criminal Record File adjudicated history (all states)
  • National Sex Offender Database
  • Office of Inspector General/General Service Administration system listing
  • Global Sanctions Search, including multiple data sources and repositories*

*OFAC, BXA, Politically-Exposed Persons, FBI Most Wanted, FBI Seeking Information, FBI Most Wanted Terrorists, FBI Hijack Suspects, etc.

Did you know?


We joined the Department of Homeland Security’s E-Verify program in March 2004 when it was still in its pilot phase.

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement

We use an ICE approved protocol and document authenticator to verify that documents submitted are valid.

Over 1500 Culinary Employees

By year’s end, we’ll have over 1,500 employees in culinary positions across the country!

1,000 employee moves a month?

One of our clients was on a growth curve that few other facility services companies could handle.


  • We arrived on site with a seasoned, well-trained group of professionals.
  • We added MAC services (Moves/Adds/Changes) to handle the 350-1,000 employee moves a month.
  • Mobile paint crews were deployed to keep the walls looking neat and professional.
  • Real estate, construction, and EH&S support were also part of this solution.

We’ve got it covered!

Our tailored recruiting strategies flex according to region. We use a combination of offline methods and the latest technology. Our multi-layered approach to recruiting often results in job starts at 98% staff:


Offline Advertising

Online Recruiting

Online Recruiting

Higher Education Facilities Management

On Campus

Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth


Employees as Recruiters

Screening Process

Pre-Screened Applicant Pool

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