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We’ve learned a lot in 30 years – about earning customer loyalty, treating employees like family and holding ourselves to a higher standard in service delivery. We share what we’ve learned every day and when we can, we share it here.

Client Stories

Airport Creative Conservation

Creative Conservation

Effort's what it takes to protect our planet & that's what we provide.
Orlando International Airport

Orlando International Airport

MCO expected a staff of cleaning ambassadors who were more...
Electric Automobile Manufacturer

A Recycling Success

Electric Cars and Flagship

What’s New

Maintain Your Aging Facilities Flagship Resource

Things You Can Do to Maintain Your Aging Facilities

Facilities age, but those that receive regular maintenance age more gracefully.
Facility Management

What to Look For

Not all facility management providers were created equally
Mobile Technology on Facilities Management

Always There

Infusing mobility into the solutions improves Flagship’s service delivery.

Seeing is Believing


The Value of Clean

How much is a clean facility worth?
Airport and Travel

Airport Fun Facts

Have you ever wondered how much airport space we really clean?
Clean Office

Fighting the Flu

Help your employees stay healthy this season.

White Papers

Facility Outsourcing


Why Outsourcing Should Become Your Facility’s New Best Friend
Hard & Soft Facility Services

Hard & Soft Facility Services

Are You Making The Right Choice For Your Facility?