Did you know?

Flagship uses cutting edge technologies to provide customers with objective metrics that measure trends and help them plan for the future. Some technologies include:

Timepad electronic timesheets

Biometric time clock and wand-based scanning system

Proprietary inspection system and tablet computers

Proprietary work order system

Flagship is your single source for commercial janitorial cleaning services and fully integrated facility maintenance, engineering, and staffing services for companies, property managers, facility managers, and building owners in any industry. The entire Flagship team is focused on customer service and customization to meet the special needs of every customer from busy airports and educational institutions to some of the country’s leading research institutions.

  • Airports

    Airports are a true test for any janitorial firm. There’s a constant flow of traffic from the traveling public, airline crews and airport staff. There are also a wide range of…

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  • Corporate

    Maintaining a large corporate campus is a complex job. Work moves at a rapid pace and few employees work only 40 hours a week. That’s why so many of these campuses don’t just…

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  • High Technology

    Flagship has grown up with Silicon Valley. For more than two decades, our San Jose office has supported some of the fastest growing companies in the high-tech industry. We know…

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  • Bio-Pharma

    Biotech and Pharmaceutical customers face higher operational costs than many companies. Because of the nature of their facilities, they often have specialized requirements.…

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  • Educational

    Educational campuses are unique environments with virtually every kind of interior space from classrooms and offices to laboratories and housing. In addition, they are among the…

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  • Municipalities

    Every city manages a unique portfolio of all different kinds of properties—city hall, libraries, museums, fire and police stations, water resources, parking facilities, and…

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  • Gov/Defense

    Government agencies and defense contractors require a facility services provider that understands the importance of security clearances and can quickly produce appropriately…

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  • Retail

    There is a bit of everything in the retail business. Managing it all is a challenge. Our retail customers say we help them by taking care of things they don’t have time to think…

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