Understanding Hard & Soft Facility Management Services
Understanding Hard and Soft Facility Management Services
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Understanding Hard & Soft Facility Management Services

HARD Facility Management Services

HARD facility management services, which are required by law, relate to the physical part of the building and ensure the safety of the occupants.


On average, office buildings are cooled and heated 16 hours a day, 6 days a week.


Maintenance makes up 32% of total facility operations costs.


Properly maintained water systems, fixtures, and monitoring can save on plumbing costs up to 20% annually.


Every $1 allocated to professional energy management can save $5 of standard energy costs.

SOFT Facility Management Services

SOFT facility management services are those used by employees and building tenants to make the workplace more secure and pleasant.


Janitorial services make up 24% of total facility operations costs.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that there are currently 85,000 mail services employees across multiple industries.


The average office worker in the US goes through roughly 500 disposable cups annually.

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