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Challenge: When every day closed means lost revenue Download the PDF
Challenge: Technology - One step ahead for fast growth Download the PDF
Challenge: Special preparation for a 4-day event Download the PDF
Challenge: Emergency flood gets everyone up early Download the PDF
Challenge: Environmental commitment at an international technology company Download the PDF
Challenge: Fast transition at a Bay Area educational facility Download the PDF


Winter 2014
Featured: The Airport of the Future    Download PDF  
Fall 2014
Featured:  Facilities Vice President and Desert Racing Champion    Download PDF
Summer 2014
Featured: Project Brief - Orlando International Airport (MCO)    Download PDF
Spring 2014
Featured: We Love Shiny Floors Download PDF
Winter 2013
Featured: The Office Renovation Download PDF
Fall 2013
Featured: Healthy Nutrition at Work. Download PDF
Summer 2013
Featured: Flagship - 25 Years of Industry Excellence. Download PDF
Spring 2013
Featured: Happy employees improve productivity and can increase profits. Download PDF
Winter 2012
Featured: Building a customer service culture from the ground up. Download PDF
Fall 2012
Featured: School is back in session with more security than ever. Download PDF
Summer 2012
Featured: May Challenge: Four days to get a university ready for its annual lecture series. Download PDF
Spring 2012
Featured: The Latest in Lighting. On the horizon: Quantum dots. Download PDF

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January 2012 - From our Winter 2011 Newsletter
Beyond paper: A New Look at Office Recycling Download the PDF
June 2011 - From our Fall 2011 Newsletter
Will maintenance outsourcing work for your organization? Download the PDF

Featured Project Brief

Environmental commitment at an international technology company Download the PDF

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June 5, 2013
Flagship Facility Services is proud to announce 25 years of industry service. How many companies can weather the challenges of expansion, competition, and three economic recessions in more than 25 years? Flagship has done just that. Read our media release: Download the PDF
May 3, 2013
Flying High in the Dallas Sky
Featured article excerpt from North American Sweeper Magazine
Nearly 50 million people fly in and out of DFW Airport on American Airlines in a single year. It's a very busy place. Flagship Sweeping has the daunting task of keeping one of America’s busiest airports clean and free of debris. Download the PDF
May 3, 2013
Flagship-Sweeping Across the Country
Featured article excerpt from North American Sweeper Magazine
Flagship Sweeping Services is a leader in the industry competing for large accounts and backed by its umbrella company, Flagship Inc., providing janitorial, facility services, facility management, engineering, and Flagship Green. Download the PDF