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Infusing mobility into the solutions improves Flagship’s service delivery   Mobile technology has touched nearly every facet of our lives and you would be hard-pressed to find an industry that has not been impacted by it.  Add facilities management to … Continue reading

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Gen Y?

Why sustainability is important to millennial professionals

Millennials want to make a difference, in the world they live in and through the places they work. This group which is projected to comprise roughly 75% of the global workforce by the year 2025, are seeking opportunities to impact people and the environment—and they’re using their employers to help drive their agenda.  Research shows that this segment places a great deal of emphasis on a number of different topics including health, the economy, education, and international affairs.

Working with a purpose

A recent study conducted by the Society of Human Resource Management showed that an astounding 94% of millennial professionals are interested in using their skills not just for their employer but to also benefit a cause.  Further research from this same report showed that 57% of millennial professionals have a stated desire for their employers to also be stewards of the environment and the issues surrounding it.

Money is not their motivator

In years past, candidates were motivated by compensation and the opportunity to see year to year increases in their salaries. This is not the case with Generation Y professionals.  True, money and the opportunity to be compensated for their talents does factor into their employment decision.  But unlike their predecessors who placed a high premium on the financial aspects of work, Gen Y employees are driven by the chance to make the world more sustainable.

Employers benefit

Many companies have developed sustainability components as they realize the role it plays in helping preserve the planet.  These same employers have also come to understand that this crop of talents have a broader purpose and are not just seeking to build a resume.  Theirs is a higher calling with a legacy that is built on leaving a positive imprint on the planet while setting the standard for the next wave of academics, scholars and professionals.

The Brand

 Sustainability and an employer’s willingness to infuse it into their day to day operations, can also have a profound effect on their brand from a number of different perspectives.  From the employee standpoint as it relates to millennials, the emphasis that an employer places on sustainability can have a direct correlation of the tenure of the staff.  With a defined, deliberate approach in place, employers will more than likely see a much higher rate of retention among millennials.  This often leads to increase efficiencies, a stronger reputation, and a more robust bottom line.


Sustainability and the preservation of the planet is a shared responsibility and one that has not been lost on millennials. Their desire to align with those who share in these ideals and beliefs will be a key driver to the success of companies throughout the globe.


Keeping the Human in HR


Flagship’s Marion C. Terrell II looks to leverage people to drive growth

As the custodial industry continues to evolve, the integration of technology is no longer inevitable; it has arrived.  Everywhere you look in every environment imaginable, you can see the impact that technology is having and this is only the beginning.  Advances in all phases allow service providers to operate far more efficiently while positively impacting their bottom lines.  But no matter how far the industry moves from a technical standpoint or what leading edge concepts are embraced, the most important piece of the mix will always be the people; a fact that has not been lost on Marion C. Terrell, II, Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Flagship Facility Services.


The New Guy

 One of the newest members of the Flagship family, Marion comes with a resume that is filled a number of roles that have proven to be equal parts challenging and rewarding, but all have thoroughly prepared him for the task at hand.  “Flagship has one of the most diverse mixes of talents I have ever seen and I’m excited by the growth potential that I have been exposed to thus far.  I’m honored to be in a position to provide thought leadership on how to build an infrastructure that supports the type of growth our senior leadership team is projecting”.


Keeping it Human

 While technology has arrived and announced that it is here to stay, the human element will always reign.  “Do we understand the importance of infusing technology into our processes here at Flagship? Of course we do, of course, we do, but that is how we will keep pace with our competitors. But from a high-level view, we’re not in the business of keeping pace; we’re far more interested in setting the pace and that is what remaining human-centric when it comes to how we operate will allow us to do”.


Building From Within

 A graduate of the University of West Georgia and Clark-Atlanta University where he holds a BA in Psychology and an MPA/HR respectively, Marion is an effective communicator who believes in building from within.  “Companies today are missing out on the opportunity that comes from cultivating talent from within. Sure, it’ easy to post a job and find a candidate and I believe there is a time and a place for that. But when an organization is able to nurture talent that is how they become positioned to realize maximum levels of success”.


Moving Forward

 “Moving forward the sky is the limit for Flagship”, says Terrell, II.  “During my short time here I’ve noticed the same energy and loyalty permeating through the entire staff.  When you have those intangibles in place coupled with a strategic vision that focuses on recruitment and retention—the human sides of the business…good things are bound to happen”!


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Featured News

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