Vivencio L.

Vivencio L. Facility Service Spotlight

Vivencio L.


Airports are busy places with a lot of moving pieces and sometimes details go unnoticed—but luckily for us, (and our customers of course), we’ve got Vivencio L. on our side. During a recent afternoon, a customer observed Vivencio in action at (TPA) Tampa International Airport.

The customer was amazed at the attention to detail and passion for service he displayed—so much so that they took the time to send a letter and share what they saw:

“I observed one of your dedicated employees with a phenomenal work ethic that I thought became extinct decades ago. Not only did he wipe the ENTIRE table surface, he also wiped completely around the table EDGE! Whether walking or working at a table, Vivencio moved at lightning speed with 100% time and motion efficiency. Vivencio is truly an exemplary employee, one in a million”!

Great employees like Vivencio represent everything that Flagship is about and we’re proud to call him family!