Roselia P.

Roselia P. Facility Service Spotlight

Roselia P.

Lead Cleaner, VMware

“When it comes to this facility, the attention to detail that she shows sets the tone for their workday”.

No matter the size or focus, the little things can make or break a workplace. Roselia P. understands this and goes out of her way to address the little things each time she provides service. Emptied trash cans put back into place, floors swept properly, and paper products being refilled are all areas that she pays close attention to that others might miss.

Over the course of time she has come to be recognized as one of the finest members of the operations team. Her passionate approach to service and the work ethic that is on display nightly have proven to be an inspiration to all who come in contact with her. “She takes great pride in her work and that makes it easy for the customer to do their jobs. With her on our team, that’s one less thing the customer has to be concerned about”.

At Flagship Facility Services, it’s more than just sending staff out to a location. We actually become immersed in the brands that we represent and as a result, they consistently get our best efforts.