Jocelyn R.

Jocelyn R. Facility Service Spotlight

Jocelyn R.

United Airlines

She shows up, eager and prepared and takes an extreme amount of pride in doing the job right!

When Jocelyn R arrived at United Airlines it didn’t take long for her presence to be felt. The offices at this were already being kept in great condition but once Jocelyn began putting her touch on them, the appearance of the property increased dramatically.

Over the course of time she has become so well-respected for the work she does that the staff at United Airlines no longer views her as a subcontractor. Instead they openly recognize and refer to her as a teammate. She never disappoints and understands that a large part of her job is making sure that she serves are able to do theirs better.

“She is courteous, respectful, and always mindful of how important our work area is”.