Jacque R.

Jacque R. Facility Service Spotlight

Jacque R.

Team Leader

Good leading and good listening go hand-in-hand but before you can do either, you must first know how to respect others—something our very own Jacque R. does exceptionally well.

Jacque manages payroll functions and is based in Flagship’s San Jose office. Here recently, her team was tasked with a major project that took well over five months to complete. Although she was responsible for the final results, she regularly interfaced with her team to get their insights, inputs, and feedback before making decisions.

It was the ultimate sign of trust and one that didn’t go unnoticed by her team. As the project ran its course, they marveled at how she managed tough situations. But more than anything, they were struck by the fact that no matter how challenging it became, she always operated with integrity and honor and treated those around her with respect.