Bernard W.

Bernard W. Facility Service Spotlight

Bernard W.

Front Line Janitor

No matter how small they might appear to be, details matter—especially at airports where travelers are very much attuned to their surroundings. Yes, travelers pay close attention to details but so too does Flagship’s Bernard W.

Bernard serves as a Front Line Janitor at Tampa International Airport and he makes it his business to make sure that every traveler experience is a pleasant one…beginning with the sidewalks.

“Bernard is a stickler for details and that’s something that goes a long way in this industry”, says Flagship Facility Services manager Antonio P. “The way he manages the sidewalks, making sure they’re clean and rise up to meet the traveler as they arrive shows the kind of dedication he has to his job and the type of dedication we have to our customers”.

Details matter and with great people like Bernard W. on our side…they always will!