Andy R.

Andy R. Facility Service Spotlight

Andy R.

Lead Line Cook

Bottlenecks are a part of any environment. In many cases, workers look the other way or run from them—but not Andy. No matter the day or shift, when he’s on site, no bottleneck is safe!

A member of the Flagship Facility Services family since 2011, Andy has consistently been praised for his teamwork and willingness to go the extra mile. This mindset and his incredible work ethic have both proven to be contagious.

“Andy is a true difference-maker and when he’s on the scene, I know without a doubt that the job will get done and the customer will be satisfied”, says Flagship Facility Services manager Will B.

“His professionalism and commitment to his job are refreshing and as he enters our management program, I’m looking forward to seeing him progress through the next phase of his career”.