Service Spotlight

Service Career Spotlight
Prethish B. Culinary Service Spotlight

Prethish B.

Specialty Cook

“Prethish is a great employee to have on my team. He stays late and comes in early whenever needed. He takes on more responsibility than required on a regular basis,”

Laura P. Culinary Service Spotlight

Laura P.

Front of House

“Laura is hardworking, reliable and organized. Her morale is high, and it sets the tone within our café,”

Christopher E. Facility Service Spotlight

Christopher E.

Ramp Operator

“The ramps are an essential part of any successful airport. Having a team of capable employees willing to do whatever is necessary is a key to that success”.

Sheila H. Facility Service Spotlight

Sheila H.


“Sheila is always there with a smile and service on her mind! No matter the circumstances or situation, we know we can count on her”.

Kenya M. Facility Service Spotlight

Kenya M.

Team Leader

“Each day her goal is to surpass the level of service she delivered the day before”.