Service Spotlight

Service Career Spotlight
Kimberly S. Facility Service Spotlight

Kimberly S.

Training Manager

“Whenever she sees a customer in need, she makes sure they understand they can count on her”.

Jacque R. Facility Service Spotlight

Jacque R.

Team Leader

“They say adversity reveals a person’s true character but in the case of Jacque…it just showed us more of what we already knew”!

Lola B. Facility Service Spotlight

Lola B.


“Lola is an amazing worker and an even more amazing person! She’s always ready for whatever the day brings and when she arrives, we can count on her to give us her best effort”!

Sonya L. Facility Service Spotlight

Sonya L.

Relief Lead

“To most going above and beyond is just a figure of speech but for her, it’s so much more”.

Chris J. Facility Service Spotlight

Chris J.


“Chris embodies what we stand for here at Flagship. He’s people-oriented, friendly and will stop at nothing to make sure the customer is taken care of – no matter what”!