Service Spotlight

Service Career Spotlight
Derrick G. Culinary Service Spotlight

Derrick G.

Dish Machine Operator

“Derrick’s outgoing personality ability to keep calm, and stay organized in the fast pace of the dish pit has proven himself to be a huge asset to his team.”

Daniel K. Facility Service Spotlight

Daniel K.


When I first met Daniel my first impression was ‘wow, he is a hard worker!

Christian P. Culinary Service Spotlight

Christian P.

Front of House Manager

Leading by example and always putting the customer experience first, Christian’s road to success is one that doesn’t end here.

Shanderie L. Culinary Service Spotlight

Shanderie L.

Front of House

“Shanderie lights up a room with her big smile and bubbly personality. Her passion for the hospitality industry led her to Flagship Culinary Services.”

David D. Culinary Service Spotlight

David D.

Line Cook

“David has made the most improvement and impact on our kitchen as a whole. He has great attendance and is very reliable, offers to work events outside normal business hours, shows good teamwork daily and has a positive attitude”