Service Spotlight

Service Career Spotlight
Kenya M Team Leader

Kenya M.

Team Leader

“Each day her goal is to surpass the level of service she delivered the day before”.

Bernard W Front Line Janitor

Bernard W.

Front Line Janitor

“Customers are looking at the details which means we should be too”.

Tam S - Sr Sous Chef

Tam S.

Sr. Sous Chef

With an overall focus on serving good food and having fun while doing it, Chef Tam’s journey with Flagship proves that hard work and the right attitude pay off!

Kimberly S

Kimberly S.

Training Manager

“Whenever she sees a customer in need, she makes sure they understand they can count on her”.

Jacque R

Jacque R.

Team Leader

“They say adversity reveals a person’s true character but in the case of Jacque…it just showed us more of what we already knew”!