Airport Fun Facts
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Airport Fun Facts

About Flagship Airport Cleaning

Each year, Flagship cleans 6.94 Billion Square Feet of space in airports throughout the nation, or 249 Square Miles. This type of volume is like cleaning…

  • 43,647,798 Full Sized Cars. More than 4 times the number of cars GM makes every year.
  • Disney World 6 times.
  • The Los Angeles Coliseum 8,860 times.
  • The deck of the Titanic 8,335,336 times.
  • Every inch of the Pacific Ocean from the surface to its deepest point 34 times.
  • The Pentagon (the worlds largest office building) 1,070 times.
  • The distance from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.
  • The Entire Sears Tower (2nd tallest building in the U.S.) 1,521 times.

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