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Safety and Facilities Management go hand in hand

Flagship Facility Services always puts our employees’ safety first, whether they’re working in an airport terminal, on a college campus, in an auto manufacturing plant or a clean room in a bio-pharma facility. We understand that a culture of safety awareness is critical to your success and over the past thirty years, we’ve helped our clients excel in this area.

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Did you know?

Investment ROI
For every $1.00 invested in safety and injury prevention, your company can expect an ROI between $2.00 and $6.00.
Falls Associated With Workplace Injuries
Overexertion and falls account for 50% of the costs associated with workplace injuries.
Cost Ratio
The ratio of indirect to direct costs can be as high as 20:1.

Successful Organizations are Safe Organizations

Safety impacts every part of your business. That’s why you need a facility services partner with a great safety record and a strong commitment to making sure every teammate gets home safe – every day. Our commitment...

Successful Organizations are Safe Organizations

Safety impacts every part of your business. That’s why you need a facility services partner with a great safety record and a strong commitment to making sure every teammate gets home safe – every day. Our commitment to safety not only keeps your facility and staff running at peak levels but it also ensures that our cost structure stays competitive without being bloated by accident and injury claims.

At Flagship, safety has become part of who we are. We believe when safety is woven into the culture, everyone – including our customers, win. Our employees are trained in the latest safety methodologies and how to apply them on the job. We regularly update our training programs and employees are required to participate so that they can remain aware of best practices.

Here’s a Story About Our Commitment to Safety

Jovani Lopez
Safety First

It’s easy to get in a hurry when you know the job needs to be done. But no matter the job or how much of a hurry a person might find themselves in, nothing is worth risking safety. This is a Flagship philosophy…and one that Jovani Lopez consistently embodies.

As the Operations Manager at DFW Airport, Jovani routinely goes the extra mile to ensure the safety of the Flagship team. Before each day begins, he arrives early and can be seen inspecting the equipment that is to be used.

During a recent shift, he noticed that there was a ladder out of place. On the surface, this appeared to be no big deal but at one of the busiest airports in the world with thousands of moving pieces—it was major.

The consummate team player, he didn’t wait to assign the task to someone else, he sprang into action, removing the ladder, storing it in its proper location and avoiding a potential disaster.

When it comes to safety we never have to wonder where it ranks with Jovani…the whole team knows—it’s first!

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Safety Subcommittee

Our Safety Subcommittee is comprised of members of our Senior Leadership Team. Their mission is to implement best safety practices while championing the needs of the customers we support and the brand we’ve built.

Meet the Flagship Leaders

The Value of a Safety Culture

Founder and CEO of Flagship Facility Services David Pasek speaks about how Safety affects customer service and why building a Safety Culture as part of Flagships core values is important.
Anuall Costs

Did you know?

Workplace injuries that cause employees to miss six or more days costs U.S. employers $59 billion annually.

Environment Health Safety Policy

The Flagship Environment, Health, and Safety Policy

Flagship is committed to our EHS Policy of enabling all work activities to be carried out safely, and with all possible measures taken to remove risks to the health, safety and welfare of everyone, everyday. We continually improve and minimize the risks and hazards of our activities and operations.

Environment, Health, and Safety Policy

Dedicated to Safety

Each one of our Safety Subcommittee members are dedicated to one of the following Flagship Safety Values.

Employee Engagement Safety Icon

Employee Engagement

An engaged staff is a sign of a strong workplace culture. An engaged staff, passionate about service and building a great culture is what you’ll find with Flagship.

Front Gate Safety Icon


FrontGate is Flagship’s comprehensive certification program designed to hire smart, work safe, grow together and provide best in class service to our customers!

Incident Investigation Safety Icon

Incident Investigation

We use incident investigations to get to the heart of the occurrence and place safeguards in place to prevent them from occurring again.

Return to Work Safety Icon

Return to Work

Our Right to Work policy allows employees to return to work at the soonest possible date without risking further injury.

Rules and Risk Safety Icon

Rules and Risk

There’s no room for shortcuts in the workplace – especially where safety is involved. Our programs make sure everyone understands the value of safety and how to activate it each day.

Safety Observation Safety Icon

Safety Observation

We’re committed to observing best safety practices to protect our employees and the best interest of our customers!

The amount of attention Flagship pays to safety is impressive to say the least. It’s a culture that has become woven into our fabric and it has had a tremendous impact on our business and relationship!

Facilities Manager at a Manufacturing Plant

Did you know?

A safe workplace is a more productive and profitable workplace. When it comes to safety, cutting corners drastically increases the potential for downtime.

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